These are artistic expressions taken from photographs I took while hiking at Meyers Gulch Homestead, located in Boulder County, Colorado. On this morning, the environment presented me with a cold but beautiful winter morning that had the Sun casting its warm light on the mountains in the distance. The combination of light, tone and solitude made for a wonderful time for me.
A Bit of History
Settler James Walker, from Missouri, moved to Boulder in 1869. He and his wife Phoebe filed a homestead claim for 160 acres in 1882. The next year, he moved his wife and young son into the newly built ranch house.
Over the next 80 years, the Walker family amassed over 6,000 acres. When the property was sold in 1959, it was one of the largest cattle ranches in this region of Colorado.
The homestead consists of original buildings from the 1880s, except a newly reconstructed ranch house. The original ranch house burned to the ground in 1992 and has since been rebuilt using environmentally friendly techniques while remaining faithful to 1880s architecture, design, and materials.
Meyers Gulch, 2015
Meyers Gulch, 2015
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